Supplying Oligo Synthesis Reagents for COVID-19 Diagnostics R&D Efforts

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Glen Research is an essential supplier for researchers in the biotechnology industry who are developing diagnostic assays for detection of COVID-19. 

Fluorescent oligonucleotide probes are key components for a range of diagnostic assays including those for COVID-19. Such probes typically have a 5’ fluorophore and a matched 3’ fluorescence quencher to facilitate quantitative detection of target DNA/RNA. These probes are synthesized chemically, and all the necessary reagents, including a vast selection of fluorophores and quenchers, are available from Glen Research.

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5'-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite

5'-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite (FAM) is a fluorescein dye used in oligo synthesis to label the 5'-end, using standard synthesis protocols. FAM can be used in probes to detect complementary sequences, or in primers for PCR. 

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3'-BHQ®-1 CPG

Black Hole Quencher®-1 (BHQ-1) is a  non-fluorescent dark quencher that can be added to the 3'-end of an oligo. BHQ-1 is an excellent quencher for molecular beacons and dual-labeled probes for real-time PCR.

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TAMRA has been widely used to label oligos for FRET and real-time PCR. In addition to being used as a FRET fluorophore, TAMRA can be used as a quencher in real-time PCR probes (such as Taqman probes).  

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